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Successful Contract Conclusion of Cooperative Projects between Kyrghyzstan and Our Group





        On the Kyrgyzstan -- China (Shaanxi) Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Conference of the 19th Investment & Trade Forum for Cooperation between East & West China and Silk Road International Exposition held on May 23, our Group successfully signed the Memorandum of Cooperation with Naryn Province of Kyrghyzstan and ZETH Company respectively. The new cooperation intention in hotel investment, real estate development and other fields has been achieved. The First Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrghyzstan and the provincial governor of Shaanxi Province Lou Qinjian attended the conference. More than 200 participants attended the meeting, including the relevant ministers of Kyrgyzstan, representatives of enterprises, ambassador to China, people in provincial government and relevant bureaus, functional department and representatives of enterprises. Xiao Yulong (Chairman of our Group) attended the meeting and signed a contract.
        The First Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrghyzstan and all ministers met Mr. Xiao Yulong (Chairman of our Group) on the day before the signing day. They had extensive exchanges on the economic and trade activities to be undertaken by our Group in Kyrghyzstan. It also laid a good foundation for Shaanxi Province’s further trade cooperation in Kyrgyzstan.     
        In early 2012, our Group conducted communications and negotiations for many times with the relevant departments and enterprises in Kyrgyzstan. We also had investigated the projects for three times and docked with the related enterprises. Combined with the characteristics of resources and development of Kyrgyzstan, we took advantage of the enterprise and conducted in-depth communication and shared experiences in construction, foreign aid projects and industrial projects. We brought back a number of mature projects and recommended them to the related enterprises inside the province to promote cooperation. We gave full play to the platform advantages of resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win result. During 3 years, through the recommendation and introduction of our Group, many enterprises in our province have successfully reached cooperation in many fields with Kyrgyzstan. The accumulative contract amount has reached US$ 100 million.     
        Hui Hongjun (General Manager), Zhang Shaohua and Yuan Jinglian (vice general managers) and the directors of relevant departments attended the meeting.
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